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The 12 Steps of Recovery

12 Steps

By George Block Every coach who wants to build a winning culture knows that getting life lessons right is the foundation for getting the next thing in practice right.  In sports – and in business, science, politics, you name it – culture eats strategy for lunch.  Some of the best coaching… Read More»

Trying to be happier? Try this.

By John Casey When we think about what is important in life, we will conclude more often than not that the most meaningful goal is to be happy. And we think about what it is that might get us there, whether in the short-term or long-term, and various things cross… Read More»

Summer Idle Time Poses a Risk For Teens

By Sarah Goodman Summer months are typically about going to the beach, getting a tan, creating memories, sharing backyard BBQ’s and planning family vacation time including trips to Grandparent’s house. For some teenagers, summer is about having one last “fun summer” before going off to college or joining the ‘real… Read More»

Are You Helping or Enabling? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

By Trish Frye The following are 10 questions that you might ask yourself before making an “am I helping or enabling” decision: 1. Will doing (or not doing ) this, help my loved one stay sick? Sometimes our best intentions allow the disease of addiction to continue. 2. Am I… Read More»

‘Spice’ is a deadly ingredient

Family of teen who died after smoking synthetic pot warns others to stay away from the powerful and unpredictable drug. – From Daily Pilot Click here to read the full article

Our New Name: Rise Recovery

The Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) of San Antonio has been dedicated to providing recovery services for teens and their families since 1977. Over the years, we have added education, prevention, early intervention and youth leadership services to help prevent the cycle of addiction from taking hold of those we serve. To help communicate this broader mission, we recently changed our name to Rise Recovery. Rise Recovery is now the home of PDAP, along with Rise Education and Prevention; Rise Youth Leadership; and Rise Early Intervention.

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