Category: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

New Generations FAQs

Why do I have to go since I’m not the one using drugs? Even though you are not using drugs, PDAP is for the whole family to learn and understand the disease. Do I have to tell you all everything about me? No, you share what you would like to… Read More»

Younger Group FAQs

Can I bring my friend? It’s cool and understandable that you might want to bring your friends. We ask that you wait a few weeks before doing that.  We want this to be a safe place and if you and your friend aren’t ready to make a change then it’s… Read More»

Family Group FAQs

Why do I need to go to Family Group meetings, my child is having drug problems, I’m not? Any illegal drug use or Alcohol abuse by a family member will negatively affect the entire family, commonly quite drastically.  The good news is that if the family is involved in the… Read More»

Rise Youth Leadership FAQs

I have a group of kids that want to get involved; what do I do? That’s awesome! We offer many things that they can get involved in. We provide access to summer Youth Leadership camp that helps give kids tools and empowerment to go back to their community and help… Read More»

Rise Education & Prevention FAQs

What sort of topics do you address? Because RISE has a diverse staff we are able to provide education on a vast array of topics to schools, employer groups, churches, PTAs, neighborhood associations and almost any other audience. Topics may include substance abuse, parenting teenagers, spiritual aspects of recovery or… Read More»

Donation FAQs

How do I donate money, an in-kind gift, or volunteer my time to Rise Recovery? We welcome your support at any time and are grateful for your thoughtfulness. Please visit our Ways to Give page for detailed information. Where does Rise Recovery get its funding? Rise Recovery is funded by… Read More»

What We Offer FAQ

How much does it cost? All PDAP and Rise Recovery programs are free. We do not take government money nor do we charge on a sliding fee.  Our Board of Directors work diligently to make sure we won’t have to. We do get part of our funding from United Way,… Read More»