Category: Success Stories

Success Story: Sydney

“I have been a Client, volunteer, and employee. My first encounter was a shock – never had so many people love and accept me for ME. That’s what I found at every PDAP I have been at. I was at my bottom in 1987 and they saved my life.”

Success Story: James

“I have chosen to support Palmer because the cause is greatly needed in this community and there is no one else like them.”

Success Story: Eva

“It is my pleasure and honor to support the Palmer program. I have witnessed these people continually go above and beyond the call of duty.”

Success Story: Heather

“As a private practice addictions counselor, I refer many young people and parents to PDAP, knowing they will be received with love and have a safe place to begin their recovery journey.”

Success Story: Steve

“I started drinking when I was 13 and wanted to get drunk every time I drank. I got busted for possession of marijuana in Austin on January 17, 1979 when I was 18, and the next day I had one last drink—and I’ve been sober ever since.”

Success Story: Avery

“…after going to a few of the meetings, classes, and counseling I was able to see and experience the love the people there possessed and expressed to me and others.”

Success Story: Hannah

“My son’s addiction brought me into PDAP. PDAP has saved my son’s life, twice. PDAP invited me and my sick family system in for help. I was on Family Death Watch. That is no longer true. PDAP has gently healed my failures and shame.”

Success Story: Riley

“I came to PDAP when I was 14. I was suffering from a deadly heroin addiction. When I walked in to the doors the Counselor and the kids welcomed me with open arms. I was accepted for who I was. The program taught me about honesty, integrity, self respect, and concern for others. I learned how to be happy and sober. I learned how to have sober fun.”

Success Story: Ryan

“…What I got from the program was totally different than what I expected. The people there cared for me unconditionally. They did not require that I ‘qualify’ by giving me a label. They challenged me to try the program 100% and promised if I didn’t like it after 30 days that I didn’t have to attend anymore. Well, that was 8 years ago and needless to say I stuck around…”

Success Story: David

“I am sober and have learned how to deal with everyday life rather than turning to drugs. The new coping skills I have gotten will last a lifetime.”