Younger Group

Younger Group

Did you know that 40% of the teenagers who start drinking at the age of 15 will have substance dependency issues as an adult? However, if they wait til they’re 21, only 10% will have a problem.

That’s a crazy number… like 40 out of 100 vs. 10 out of 100.

At PDAP and Rise Recovery, we think those odds are pretty cruddy and don’t want you to risk it.  We know that everyone who uses drugs or alcohol won’t grow up to be an addict or alcoholic, but we do know that the younger you are when you start, the more likely it is to happen.

We also know that it’s a different world today – where the pressure to get high or drink alcohol is HUGE.  It’s not surprising that so many young people are curious, and try it. The problem with this is that drugs and alcohol can cause you to feel temporarily good. Which is a complete contradiction to what everyone “out there” is telling you: “Don’t do drugs because they are bad for you.”

The temptation is big and you give in thinking this one time won’t hurt…and if you are reading this then you are probably past that one time and know that it is the first time that leads to the second and eventually, before you ever saw them coming, there are problems.

Fortunately, people don’t have to wait to have problems before they decide to start doing something different.

One really awesome thing about the PDAP younger group is that you don’t have to have a horrible drug problem to come here. Truthfully, if you are drinking just a little or using a whole lot, we have something here for you. We don’t give you a cookie-cutter plan; we know what you need or want may be something totally different than what the next person is needing.

We have a 12 step approach but combine it with a whole lot of other things like counseling, coaching, peer group meetings, workshops, recreation centers and fun social activities. We make sure that the benefits of recovery become obvious. We want people that come here to get what they need and have some fun while getting it.

So whether you think you need it or not, challenge yourself. If using drugs and alcohol is no big deal, then giving it up for a while won’t be hard, right? We know, we have heard it a million times: “I can quit if I want to, I just don’t want to.” Well then, ask yourself this: “What would have to happen for me to want to stop? How bad does it have to get?”

If you don’t like those questions or their answers, we encourage you to check out PDAP. Come to some meetings. Come to the activities. Come to the coaching.

We promise to keep it confidential, and we aren’t charging you anything so you won’t lose anything by trying. And if after 30 days you still hate the idea, then the world will still be out there doing what it does.

And who will help you?

An awesome staff that won’t judge you or preach at you because they have has “been there.” Check out our awesome staff here!

If you are interested, just call PDAP and we will set up a meeting. All we ask is that you show up sober, and come with an open mind. If our program isn’t right for you—and no program is right for everyone—then we’ll help you find a program to meet your needs.

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