Rise Early Intervention

Rise Early Intervention

Many people that enter a drug or alcohol program do so because they are at their wits end or “hit bottom.”  But hitting bottom is not required in order to get help. Not every person that uses drugs or alcohol is going to be an addict or alcoholic but certainly the longer anyone uses, the more likely they are to develop the problem. Research shows that it takes on average a teen 5-15 months to develop the symptoms of dependency while it takes adults 5-15 years to develop the same symptoms. Substances hit kids harder and faster than it does adults. This is why it’s vital to get in there and do something BEFORE it becomes a harder problem to deal with.

Rise provides customized early intervention services to you, your children, students, employees and families.

And parents…we understand that kids experiment, but don’t be afraid to seek an outside opinion before dismissing the behavior as just that. Sometimes, the fact that you responded to your kids “experiment” as serious and dangerous can stop the progression.

By working proactively internally and in the community, our goal is to help change attitudes among children and adults about using drugs or alcohol, thereby empowering individuals to make healthy decisions before an abuse problem develops.

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It is estimated that 11 students per high school senior class has used drugs, and for every drug user a minimum three other people are directly affected. Schools have a responsibility to educate and protect our kids; it’s what they are there for. Unfortunately no school that we know of has a 100% drug and alcohol free campus. Things happen and we get that! Resources are limited and we get that too!

When a student gets in trouble for drug or alcohol use, the schools are required to handle it and educate the kids.  Rise Early Intervention and PDAP have been partnering with and helping schools for more than 20 years, to do just that!

Early intervention is key to preventing a more serious addiction from happening, so when the system is able to respond immediately with great information and services, then not only the student who is in trouble can succeed, but the entire student body, as well. Our Rise Early Intervention program can provide customized one-time or weekly individual or group conversations with your students. We address issues and provide insight skills for things like handling peer pressure, decision making, goal setting, and helping kids to be better equipped for their future.

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