Rise Education & Prevention

Rise Education & Prevention

Substance abuse is an ongoing health issue of high incidence, and Rise Recovery works to identify—and put in practice—effective services to help lower the negative consequences of this issue. Working proactively in the community by offering education services, our goal is to help change attitudes among children and adults about using drugs and/or alcohol, thereby empowering individuals to make healthy decisions before an abuse problem develops.

Education is the common thread through everything we do at Rise Recovery.

Focusing on prevention and solutions, Rise Recovery helps facilitate town hall meetings, seminars and information sessions to help raise awareness about substance abuse issues.


At Rise Education we know that our schools are miniature models of what is happening in our communities. We also know that our students and members take back what they are receiving in schools to their communities, so we make it a top priority to partner with our educators.  Rise is proud of our diverse and well-trained staff that provides speaking engagements and presentations on a vast array of topics. Whether you have just one class, an entire assembly, the PTA or teacher and counselor in-service training, we can present quality, age-appropriate and up-to-date information.

Substance Abuse and Recovery Education

Sometimes people just want to learn  more about substance abuse. We provide weekly educations classes that cover the important “need to know” topics for anyone interested in learning more about how substance use disorders happen, big issues in early recovery, and helpful insights to obtain  and maintain recovery. Attendance is free but if you aren’t an active member of the Rise PDAP program, please speak with one of our staff members so they can make arrangements for you to come.

New Generation Groups

It’s tough being a family member of of someone who struggles with substance abuse, especially if you’re a kid. Whether it’s a sibling or parent who has the addition problem, Rise Recovery has a program to help kids between 9 and 17 years old learn how to deal with and respond to what is happening in their family. We want to help make sure these kids don’t fall into the same destructive patterns as their loved one, so we offer intervention and prevention education—like learning about the 12 steps that their family member is working through–to reduce and help break the cycle of substance abuse. For more details on the program, click here.


We certainly know that church goers, parishioners and spiritual individuals are not immune to the disease of addiction and other substance use disorders. Countless times we encounter really good church-involved people who tell us they feel that they can’t talk in their church about what is really happening in their family.

Shame comes in many packages and whether it is self-induced or from another source,  we know that it is usually the things we don’t talk about that keep us sick (and out of a relationship with God). Somewhere we have to start talking about what is real–and when churches start talking about it, then maybe our families will too. Rise wants to help bring the conversation to your congregation. We can provide strong faith-oriented workshops, youth group training, parent classes etc.

Professional Training

We offer professional continuing education classes approved by the Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals; practicum and intern opportunities for counselor candidates and students; and training classes to other service organizations.

Peer Recovery Coach Training

Recovery happens! And it when it does, people often want to give something back. Rise provides the opportunity for individuals in recovery to obtain the required education in order to become a certified or designated Recovery Coach or Peer Recovery Specialist.

Community Events and Health Fairs

Rise Recovery welcomes the opportunity to educate and disseminate substance abuse information at company health fairs and other community events.

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