New Generations

New Generations

We know it’s tough being the brother or sister (or son or daughter) of a person that has substance abuse.

No, make that really tough.

So years ago we formed our New Generation Group, to help kids between 9 and 17 years old learn how to deal with and respond to what is happening in their family. We want to help make sure these kids don’t fall into the same destructive patterns as their loved one, so we offer intervention and prevention education—like learning about the 12 steps that their family member is working through–to reduce and help break the cycle of substance abuse.

New Generations members get to do a lot of activities, meetings, and retreats. They are also given the opportunity to participate in youth leadership training when they are ready.

These New Gens group members carry the message that not all teenagers use substances. They want to normalize the message of sobriety and abstinence rather than the “everybody does it” message. This group is focused on prevention:  kids reaching kids before they start using.

If you are interested, just show up at a meeting (see calendar).  All we ask is that one of your parents is attending the Family or Older group. We promise to keep what we talk about private and If our program isn’t right for you—and no program is right for everyone—then we’ll help you find a program to meet your needs.