Rise Youth Leadership

Rise Youth Leadership

Rise Youth Leadership (RYL) is about giving young people the opportunity to step up and create real solutions to tough issues in their schools and communities, and providing them with the skills necessary to become change agents to affect these issues.

RYL provides youth leadership training and team building throughout the year to schools and clubs, as well as access to summer leadership camp.

Youth Leadership Camp

This camp enables kids to work together to address problematic issues amongst their peers and to come up with solutions.  Participants then implement these action plans in their schools and communities with guidance and scholarship monies that we provide.

In 2012, San Antonio kids attended a four-day leadership camp which was held at Schreiner University in Kerrville. They participated in fun and empowering prevention education and leadership trainings. These incredible teens then returned to the community and implemented a project they created at camp called AUADA (Adolescents United Against Drugs and Alcohol).

Camp participants want to create a safe environment for young people where they will not feel pressured to use drugs or alcohol. They want to normalize the message of sobriety and abstinence rather than the “everybody does it” message. They have monthly meetings and discussions coupled with fun social time.  This group is focused on prevention – kids reaching kids before they start using.

Team Building

Rise Recovery can facilitate fun and experiential youth and adult team building exercises and discussions in order to help create diversity, tolerance and accountability within youth social and educational settings.

Project LEADER

Project LEADER is an opportunity for young people in recovery to become peer leaders within their recovery community. These young people decide to serve as peer role models. They participate in monthly trainings learning and developing leadership skills. They help to carry the message of hope by co-facilitating peer groups, creating and delivering powerful elevator speeches and helping to plan and implement group activities. Often, participation in Project LEADER is referred to by its members as ‘training camp” for future recovery coaches and counselors.