Our Communities

Our Communities

Rise Recovery is dedicated to reaching the community that doesn’t come to us. We want to take the shame and complacency out of the conversation about drug abuse, use and recovery. We need to counter the message of “normalization” within our society.

Why?  Youth are 400 times more likely to see commercials selling alcohol than ads designed to prevent alcohol use, so we know we have to be out there constantly and diligently educating all ages about the negative influences of substance abuse to families, neighborhoods, churches and schools.


We are one of the top referral sources of choice for schools that have students who are in need of substance use education or recovery service.  This includes weekly facilitated insight discussions and education at middle and high school campuses. Many school districts have utilized our services as a resource offered to families when a student is in trouble for substance use.  By participating in our programs, students are able to return to their regular classes in half the time of traditional alternative school programs.


Rise Recovery is a partner in the Alamo Area Recovery Initiative—a group tasked with identifying shortfalls in recovery initiatives and helping to find ways to “fill the gap.”

Our counselors also provide practicum supervision for counselors in training with the Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Training Institute and San Antonio College. Additionally, we provide counselor supervision for internships for Master’s level students (or candidates) at UTSA and St. Mary’s University. We also are an approved clinical training institution (CTI) for LCDC interns through the Texas Department of State Health Services.


Shame, embarrassment and fear of being judged may keep members from going to church.  Rise Recovery can help strengthen relationships with God and other members.  Our members have been known to reenter their churches with information that helps others, as well.   Partnering with your church in ministry, by not only being available to families in need but also through educational and inspirational talks for your youth group, a class or the entire congregation is what we LOVE to do.


Sometimes a great employee or prospective employee needs some help to fight substance use or abuse. Rise Recovery can evaluate and create a plan to get your employee back to work. Employers know that training new employees is expensive, so allowing valuable workers to get help rather than terminating them ultimately will save everyone money.

WE ALSO SERVE THE COMMUNITY BY PROVIDING special community education opportunities. By bringing in expert local and national speakers, we are able to help bring the conversation about recovery to the public.

Would you like Rise Recovery’s help educating your group?  Please call 210-227-2634 or email tfrye@riserecovery.org to inquire about our speakers bureau or other services.

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