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2014 Holiday Matching Challenge

Our community needs your help to make recovery possible.  Will you please accept our advocates’ challenge this year with a gift to help us match $45,000?  Gifts contributed from Thanksgiving until December 31st will provide recovery services year-round to over 3,100 teens, young adults and their families through PDAP, Rise Education and Prevention, Rise Early Intervention, and Rise Youth Leadership.  Please consider making a gift online at www.RiseRecovery.org/donate. Thank you for your investment and support!

Your investment changes lives everyday. Read how Liz found faith, hope and love in recovery thanks to your support.

Liz’s Story

Liz "Lizard" Todd, Youth CounselorGrowing up in a home where drugs and alcohol were the norm, Liz was familiar with substance abuse at the young age of 13. By age 15, Liz was addicted to alcohol and other drugs. That’s when she turned to the Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP), now known as Rise Recovery, for help with her addiction. As a teenager, Liz did everything she could to overcome her addiction, but staying sober was her biggest challenge amidst battling the countless obstacles she faced.

For Liz, addiction spun in and out of her life. After two years of attending the PDAP program, Liz became pregnant at age 17, moved out of her parent’s home and earned her high school diploma. She stopped going to PDAP for support and was now on her own in the world. With the pressures of being a young mother and coping with the loss of her child’s father to this disease, Liz sank back into using. For so long, fear ran Liz’s life. Drugs and alcohol were her way to mask her pain and fear of being judged, of being alone – of failing. Addiction nested its way into her home, her marriage, and her children’s lives. “Fear immobilized me. It was so crippling.” It came to the point that Liz had enough, “I needed to get clean. I didn’t want anything to come between my family and me.”

After 13 years, Liz courageously returned to the PDAP program as an adult. Welcomed with unconditional love, non-judgment and a stronghold of support, Liz felt it became “the home away from home for my family and me.” Liz began working the 12-step program, something she didn’t commit to as a teenager. Her first week back in the program, Liz went to the Ironside center every day because trusting herself was a big challenge to overcome, “but that was the last time I drank.” That Sunday a PDAP counselor invited her to service at Grace Point Church, where she and her family have attended ever since.

If it wasn’t for those first seeds of hope planted as a teenager, Liz may not have returned to PDAP. “I would be locked up, in a hospital, or dead. The PDAP program pulled me out of my addiction and into a restored relationship with God.” Through her recovery, Liz rebuilt her childhood relationship with God. The love she remembered feeling as a small child with her grandmother at church was something Liz says she so desperately needed.

Shortly after Liz became sober, drugs and alcohol found their way back into her life. Her eldest child began experimenting with marijuana, alcohol, and soon after – other drugs. “I had to save my son from going down the same road as his father.” She learned through PDAP that her son needed help and faced the tough decision to send him to rehab. The denial as a parent was so strong, but with the help of counselors and mentors she worked the process of “letting go.” Liz did not want this disease to take ahold of her child’s life, like it had in her life for so many years. While her son still battles the disease of addiction, Liz sees examples of hope shining through other teens at PDAP working to stay sober.

Liz "Lizard" Todd, Youth Recovery Coach

Liz is a living example of courage, for she arose above all her fears of failing in her recovery. The hope and healing Liz found in recovery stemmed from the love and support she received in the PDAP program. Those seeds of self-confidence, potential, and love PDAP planted so long ago saved her life. She is now seven years into her recovery, a full-time recovery coach for teens and young adults, and is working to become a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor.

Liz found recovery and today serves as a living testimony of perseverance to the teenagers she coaches every day. Rise Recovery and the PDAP program are unlike anything else, they truly save lives and restore families. Liz sees the PDAP program growing each year, “I think society is now starting to accept addiction as a real disease that needs the shame, stigma, and fear to be removed for recovery to take root.” Her hope is that the PDAP program will grow to reach more people and continue to be that “home away from home,” where those seeking recovery can become part of the PDAP family.

“Addiction is a powerful disease that doesn’t discriminate. Thank goodness, neither does recovery.” Recovery is open to anyone who is ready to be honest, willing to change and let go of their fears, just as Liz did.


Rise Recovery’s mission is to help teens, young adults, and their families overcome the effects of drugs and alcohol, while assisting the community through partnerships in education and prevention.

As a nonprofit organization, Rise Recovery relies on contributions from generous donors to support the everyday program costs of the Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP), Rise Education and Prevention, Rise Early Intervention, and Rise Youth Leadership.

Give the Gift of Love this Holiday Season. Your donation is an investment helping over 3,100 teens, adults and families to recover from addiction.

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Save the Date: May 29th, 2015

Our 15th Annual Campaign Breakfast featuring author, Debra Jay

Check back for more details as they become available in the months to come.



Community Educational Event

“Miss USA 2006″, Tara Conner, made a big impact on the high school students and their parents in our community.  She was authentic and transparent in her story of recovery.  Tara spoke to over a 1,000 students at the following high schools: St. Mary’s Hall, Alamo Heights High School, Boerne High School and Boerne Champion.

Quotes from the community:

    “Tara’s visit was a great success.  She has a way of reaching out to kids that is amazing.  The way they responded to her after her talk at St. Mary’s Hall was something I had to see to believe.  One by one they waited to speak with her…many in tears, obviously sharing burdens they were carrying that needed to be lifted.”             - Rise Recovery Board Member

    “I’m so glad to hear Tara felt like she’d make a difference, and if you can pass on to her that she truly did and that she has made a life-altering impact on our students here, please do.”   - Leader at St. Mary’s Hall         

An evening with
“Miss USA 2006″
Tara Conner

Tara Conner fist pump

“Recovering the Crown”
Breaking the Cycle of Addiction
Oct 2, 2014

We thank the Alamo Heights High School for hosting the event!

Tara Conner is a singer/songwriter, actress, television personality
and model; as well as an advocate and voice of long-term recovery.
Please join us as she shares her experience, strength, and hope
with the San Antonio community.

Photo courtesy of Miss Universe L.P., LLLP


Our 14th Annual Campaign Breakfast was our most successful fundraising event to date!

Thank you to our Sponsors, Underwriters, In-Kind donors and the 100’s of supporters who gave at the Breakfast!! Thanks to you, we had a 34% increase in giving when compared to our breakfast last year!

Carroll Jackson kicked off the Breakfast by introducing the Rt. Reverend John H. MacNaughton.  Rev. MacNaughton led a crowd of approximately 450 people in prayer and spoke about how he brought the PDAP program to San Antonio in 1977.  Kirk Hewitt, Rise Recovery’s Board Treasurer and Breakfast Chairman, gave a state of the union address as it pertained to Rise Recovery.  Trish Frye, Program Director, talked about the genesis of Rise Recovery and how the PDAP program is not going anywhere but is actually building steam and moving us towards the future.  Jeff Jay, keynote presenter and clinical interventionist, gave a wonderful presentation about addiction and intervention.

In closing, we were blessed with another successful fundraising Breakfast.  Thank you to all of our Sponsors, In-Kind Donors and Underwriters!

We look forward to our 15th Annual Campaign Breakfast!


Jeff Jay’s presentation from the 2014 Breakfast

Video: Mother and Son Testimony

Congratulations to the following winners of our Raffle Baskets:

Basket #1: Jenny Bueno

Basket #2: Lourdes Ramirez

Basket #3: Zachary Serwer

Basket #4: Bryan Tucker


Help double $30K to $60K+

Thank you to all the generous donors who helped Rise Recovery raise over $85,000 during the 2013 Holiday Match campaign this season.  Thank you!

Dec. 31, 2013 - In 2013, Rise Recovery – home of the Palmer Drug Abuse Program, received a $30,000 matching grant graciously donated by anonymous donors with the challenge to match it by December 31st. Thanks to YOU Rise Recovery exceeded the goal, every dollar was matched, and over $85,000 was raised for recovery. THANK YOU for believing in our mission to help teens, young adults, and their families overcome the effects of drugs and alcohol.