Frank Janousek

Manager of Family Services

Frank Janousek moved to San Antonio in 2016 specifically to bring his 27 years of PDAP experience to our community. Frank began his work for PDAP programs 21 years ago because he was a participant 6 years prior.

Having recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body from his own addiction, he became impassioned to help others as he was helped, with unconditional love and understanding.

Frank is passionate about helping his staff and peers experience the journey of living a life of recovery, working the 12 steps, and recovering from the despair that addiction brings.

As a manager, he maintains staff development through peer mentorship and continuing education on the direct and indirect impact of the consequences of substance use and the tools of recovery.

Seeing one return from despair and brokenness to a state of hope, love and healing are one of the many rewards for this way of life. “I am blessed if I can touch one life as mine was touched.”