Antony Quinones

Telehealth Youth Peer Recovery Coach

Antony Quinones serves as a Telehealth Youth Peer Recovery Coach at Rise Recovery, serving those aged 12-17 struggling with substance use issues. He feels honored to be able to help guide at-risk youths towards a better future.

Antony started using substances as a teen, and understands the unique difficulties experienced by teens that are looking for a better way to live. Initially, he was coerced into going to a treatment facility by his family, but he came around to see the joys of living a life free of substance use and continued along the path of recovery, out of his own desire to do so. After previously trying to get recovered in a different state, he eventually established his recovery in his hometown, San Antonio. His recovery is a testament to a person’s ability to get clean, regardless of where they choose to get clean, or the motivating factor for doing so.

“Too often, I hear about the challenges that people face, trying to get sober in their hometown. It’s definitely tough to stay recovery-minded, while still driving past familiar bars and other such places, but I found a way to make it work by getting involved in a recovery program, building a wide support network, and maintaining a belief that change was possible and that I was worth it. It honestly is a blessing to be able to give back and help guide those still suffering from the effects of substance use. I am particularly grateful to be working with adolescents, as I, myself, went through addiction and recovery as a teen and young adult. What Rise Recovery does, and the fact that I get to be a part of it, is such a beautiful thing.”

Today, Antony is finishing his degree as a chemical dependency counselor and is a writer for various recovery websites. He has two children and wife that he lives with and are an immense source of motivation in his life. His other interests include software development, graphic arts, painting, wood sculpting, and exercise.