Farrah Proxmire

Youth Program Trainer, Stipulated Specialist & YRCC Peer Coach

Farrah Proxmire is serving in our Youth Group. Some of her favorite topics are honesty, fear, forgiveness and powerlessness. Farrah is passionate about her job because she has seen the ugliness of addiction and the amazing things recovery can do in someone’s life. Farrah did not get sober until she was in her thirties, she wishes she had found Rise Recovery when she was a teenager. Farrah loves bringing the light to those who are in the dark and showing youth how beautiful recovery is.

“I am passionate about what I do because I love being able to reach participants at such a young age and giving them a chance to live a life without addiction. My addiction took everything away from me, it was so hard for me turn my life around. I finally realized that changing was a matter of life and death. Recovery has shown me a life I never thought was possible and it just gets better every single day. I am currently going to school at San Antonio College to become an LCDC with a goal to one day be a LCSW. I love spending time with my children, gardening and enjoying the beautiful things recovery has to offer.”