Ian Boarnet, RSPS

Rise Inspire Academy Program Coordinator

Ian Boarnet is a Youth Peer Recovery Coach at the Rise Inspire Academy. Some of Ian’s favorite topics are character defects, acceptance, trusting a higher power, and the promises. Ian is passionate about his job because he got sober when he was 17. He loves giving other young people hope for recovery and show them that it is possible:

“I love that I am able give to the group members here what I was able to get. Getting sober young is a very unique experience because there are very few people your age doing what you are doing. Being able to show other young people that recovery is possible and can be fun is my biggest passion. I just hope to give others the same experience I got at Rise Recovery and to help the most people possible.”

Ian got sober on August 15th of 2019 and is currently attending San Antonio Community College. In his free time, he enjoys travelling and anything outdoors.