Jessie Hinojosa, RTSBA

Director of Operations & Strategic Initiatives

Jessie Hinojosa serves as Rise Recovery’s Operations Director. She also serves as Vice-Chair for the Rise Inspire Academy Advisory Council, representing the parent voice.

Jessie became a part of the Rise Recovery family in February 2019 when her teenage daughter’s substance use brought her to the family group meetings. Jessie credits Rise Recovery’s program and staff for intervening at a crucial time and saving her daughter’s life as well as the relationships that Jessie has with her children and family members. “Without Rise Recovery, I would not understand the impact that addiction truly has on a family. I was raised to brush difficult things under the table and not air my dirty laundry, but after years of struggle with personal codependency and navigating substance use with my loved ones, my world had completely fallen apart. I was trying to do it all on my own without any help or understanding of this disease, and I was not succeeding. Attending family group meetings gave me the education I needed to understand what my daughter was going through, set boundaries with my loved ones to help hold them accountable in their own journeys through recovery, and to hold those boundaries firm to ensure I was taking care of myself at the same time. Family group activities taught me how to laugh and smile again, and I have a new lease on life. I would not be the mother I am today if Rise didn’t give me the tools I needed to foster more healthy relationships with my children, and working the steps through my own recovery has allowed me to heal from years of trauma associated with being married to an addict. Recovering from codependency has helped me to be a more loving and patient parent than I thought was possible.” Jessie’s daughter’s sobriety date is April 2019, proof that this recovery program works “if you work it.” Jessie thinks that everyone should go through a 12-step program at some point in their lives.

Jessie graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Texas at San Antonio in May 2009, and became a Registered Texas School Business Associate in November 2019. For over eight years, she worked in public education. Jessie served on the Steering Committee for the Rise Recovery Family Group from October 2019 until she was brought on to serve our families and students attending Rise Inspire Academy. She has been a member of the Recovery High School Task Force, now the Rise Inspire Academy Advisory Council, since August of 2019. She served as the Chair of the Advisory Council in the recovery high school’s pilot program year.