Recovery High School FAQs

What is a Recovery High School?

A Recovery High School must “meet state requirements for awarding a secondary school diploma” and be “designed specifically for students recovering from substance abuse or dependency.” All enrolled students are required to be in recovery and working a program of recovery approved by the school. Recovery Schools are also prepared through policies, protocols, and the hiring of qualified personnel to address the needs of students in crisis – therapeutic or other.

What recovery support do you provide?

Students enrolling in the Rise Recovery High School Pilot Program (RRHSPP) have already established their motivation to achieve and maintain their sobriety. As part of the intake process, each student develops their own individualized recovery plan that documents the activities they will participate in to support their sobriety. Each school has a licensed substance use counselor on staff as well as certified peer recovery coaches. Rise Recovery staff will meet regularly with the students to monitor and provide counseling on their recovery plan and any other addiction related issues. Recovery staff also works with the student’s alternative peer group counselors, sponsors, parents, and therapists to create a team of support for the student. In addition to the individual counseling, recovery based groups are incorporated into the daily classroom curriculum. Students at the recovery high school will also participate in 12-step meetings and sober activities for young people in recovery. Our school also has a morning check-in group specific to our students, which allows the opportunity to check in on how things are going for them and to hold themselves or other students accountable when appropriate. Recovery high schools incorporate a strong peer culture in which all students identify as having an addiction and have made a commitment to support their fellow students as they face the challenges associated with early recovery.

What the curriculum does this school use?

The curriculum at Rise Recovery High School Pilot Program (RRHSPP) is facilitated through Anne Frank Inspire Academy (AFIA), a school within the Braination Charter School District. The Inspire Academies adhere to state standards in all subjects, including the core areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. In order to fully address student needs, Braination has designed a “three-tiered curriculum” that not only meets state standards but also helps students follow their passions and become self-directed learners. AFIA offers credit recovery so that RRHSPP students can graduate “on time”. Students attending RRHSPP will graduate with a high school diploma from AFIA. For more information on Anne Frank Inspire Academy, please contact RRHSPP staff at bblackmon@riserecovery.org.

Can I enroll at any time throughout the year?

Yes. The Rise Recovery High School Pilot Program has a “rolling admissions” policy.  A student may be admitted at any feasible time during the semester.

Does the school have a summer school program?

The Rise Recovery High School Pilot Program is a year-round recovery program, providing recovery programming and services throughout the entire calendar year, beyond the typical length of a traditional school year.

What is the criteria for eligibility?

Rise Recovery High School Pilot Program (RRHSPP) accepts students from grade level 9-12. Students must have thirty or more days of sobriety. Students must obtain a recommendation by the RRHSPP Program Administrator and/or have successfully completed an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)/Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)/Recovery Treatment Center (RTC). Students must show a willingness to do school work and participate in other therapeutic/recovery activities. Students must have weekly counseling sessions with their Alternative Peer Group (APG) counselor and/or therapist as recommended by an APG. Parents or an approved family member(s) must attend weekly family group meetings at an approved APG (or as recommended by their Family Recovery Coach).

Why do family members/guardians have to participate in an Alternative Peer Group (APG)?

Experience has shown that family involvement is a key indicator of success for a young person in early recovery. Consequently, family involvement is a core component of the recovery high school model. Once a student is enrolled, regular parent meetings are conducted at the recovery high school. Parents will have access to recovery high school staff on a regular basis. We believe holistic recovery takes a village, so with that in mind our wellness recovery program utilizes a wraparound of continued care. A monthly staffing of the students team including parents and student is essential in meeting recovery and academic goals.

Do you drug test?

Yes, random drug tests will be conducted. Appropriate measurements of treatment modifications will result from such testing.

Does this school provide transportation for students to the campus?

All Rise Recovery High School Pilot Program students will be responsible for getting to the campus themselves. Via Bus passes will be issued to students who will utilize public transportation.

How do I apply?

Students who are wishing to be considered for enrollment in the Rise Recovery High School Pilot Program (RRHSPP) must be referred through Rise Recovery APG. Please contact the RRHSPP Program Administrator at bblackmon@riserecovery.org for information on recovery program admissions.

What does it cost to attend?

The education provided by Anne Frank Inspire Academy is provided through a public charter school system and is free to all students. Program Fees for Rise Recovery High School Pilot Program (RRHSPP) pertain ONLY to the recovery programming provided by Rise Recovery. Fees are collected to help cover the cost of recovery staffing, drug testing, cognitive testing, recovery activities, and other costs associated with the recovery portion of the RRHSPP. The RRHSPP aims to provide recovery services to all qualifying students, regardless of financial capacity. Scholarships may be available to students who fill out the required application. Please contact the RRHSPP Program Administrator at bblackmon@riserecovery.org for additional program fee and scholarship questions.

How can I make a referral to this school?

Anne Frank Inspire Academy is a public charter school where anyone is eligible to enroll. In order to be accepted into the Recovery High School Pilot Program (RRHSPP) all referrals must be approved through Rise Recovery. If you are not a potential student or parent of a student in recovery and wish to refer a student in recovery to this program, please reach out to the RRHSPP staff so we can begin an intake form and gather information for your prospective student. The student and their parents will need to complete the enrollment and application process directly through RRHSPP staff.  

What are the hours of operation?

The Administrative Offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.to 4:00 p.m. The School Day begins at 8:45 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m.