PDAP has 5 different groups to tailor to each age range and need.
  1. New Generations is offered to youth, ages 9-17, whose family member or loved one has substance use disorder.
  2. Younger Group is offered to youth, ages 12-17, with substance use disorder.
  3. Collegiate Group is offered to young adults in college, ages 18-35, with substance use disorder.
  4. Older Group is offered to adults, ages 18 and over, with substance use disorder.
  5. Family Group is offered to adults, 18 and over, whose family member or loved one has substance use disorder.
We Offer…

Peer Counseling with our peer counselors who are in recovery themselves. Couple their experience with professional education they can help you or your loved one identify issues pertaining to substance use, and work to identify and solve common problems.

Support Group Meetings that are facilitated by a peer counselor. The participants meet in a group format to share their experiences, which strengthens the relationships within the group and provides an environment that encourages vulnerability and honesty.

Social Activities that show it is possible to have fun without getting high. Participation is important as they afford you or your loved the opportunity to relax and laugh, which is crucial to healing individually and as a family.

Education Classes and Workshops facilitated by peer counselors, program directors, or community volunteers. Our education classes run on a six week cycle and our workshops vary every week.

Retreats for individual age groups or the entire family. Participation in these retreats can help you form life long bonds, crucial skills for recovery, and repairing relationships with the family.

Stipulated Program where our peer counselors provide case management services and follow-up for those participants that under 35 and that have been referred by the legal system, CPS or employers as a result of their substance use.

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