Programs & Services

Rise Recovery has worked tirelessly for over 40 years to bring change into the world through recovery. We are proud to offer programs and services that help teens, young adults and families overcome the effects of drugs and alcohol and partner with the community in education and prevention. We keep programs free to those we serve because we strive to eliminate any and all barriers to recovery.

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Individual & Family Recovery

Our youth, young adult and family groups provide peer counseling, education classes, group meetings and social activities.

Youth Recovery Community Center

The YRCC is a community-focused environment created specifically for our youth and young adults which provides support, guidance and the tools necessary to navigate their unique personal journey towards success in recovery.

Training Institute 

We support and partner with professionals, students, businesses and other organizations to educate our community about addiction and recovery.

Stipulated Program

We provide case management services and follow-up for those we serve under 35 that have been referred to us by the legal system, CPS or employers as a result of their drug or alcohol use.

Recovery High School

The Rise Recovery High School Pilot Program is a year-round recovery program, providing recovery programming and services throughout the entire calendar year, beyond the typical length of a traditional school year.