Rise Recovery originally began as the Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP), which was founded in Houston, Texas in 1971. PDAP was later brought to San Antonio in 1977. Over time, PDAP has rebranded as Rise Recovery to include additional programs. During the initial program, young adults discovered that through mutual love, acceptance, and support, they could stop using drugs and alcohol, resulting in a steadfast commitment. They also learned that through loving and helping one another, their self-esteem was elevated. Furthermore, they witnessed the strength, unity, and power that comes from the “love of the group”. These principles of love and understanding remain the foundation of PDAP 40 plus years later!

From the beginning, there have been only three standing rules at PDAP meetings:

Do not attend meetings or any activities high or holding (in possession of alcohol or drugs).

There will be no physical relationships at any PDAP function.

There will be no violence at any PDAP function.

From these tenets, the program has continued to grow and flourish. After a few months of meetings, the group decided that a better-defined program would give them more tools for their fight to stay sober. We took the Twelve Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous and tailored the steps to fit the age group, special needs, and understanding.

As parents formed around the coffee pot during young adult group meetings, they concluded that the entire family was equally affected by substance abuse and needed healing. Over time, the parents established the first Family Group to discuss their loved ones.