Family Group

Family Group

You know all too well that if you love someone who is on drugs, it can cause great emotional and financial strains in marriages and families.  It can cause us to get stuck in an emotional survival role that consists of total “disconnection” or total “control mode”—neither of which is healthy or helpful.

Whether it is misplaced guilt or outright fear that we experience, drug abuse takes its toll. There is hope. PDAP has found what it takes to overcome substance abuse and to build healthier family relationships so your family can recover and heal.


Everyone has issues, so we teach you how to deal with the ones that might be happening in your family.  Better than that:  we also teach you how to let go of those issues; let go of the guilt; and get out from underneath the paralyzing burdens of having a loved one on drugs or alcohol.  This way, you get to respond with love, rather than react with fear or guilt.

What if your family member with the drug issue doesn’t want help?     You are still welcome!  And here’s the great news:  we have found that when the families participate in this process, it can influence changes in the user, even if he or she is not involved with the program.

If you are interested, just show up at a meeting or call the center to schedule a confidential individual appointment. We don’t have an exhaustive intake process.   All we ask is that you show up, and come with an open mind. If our program isn’t right for you—and no program is right for everyone—then we’ll help you find a program to meet your family’s needs.

PDAP Family Group is open to any adults over the age of 18 who love someone with a substance use issue. For children and siblings ages 9-17, check out the Rise New Generations program.


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