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Rise Inspire Academy Celebrates its First Graduate, Colin Gerard!

Tanya Jopling, honored for Outstanding Advocacy for Youth in Recovery Congratulations to Rise Inspire Academy graduate, Colin Gerard, and a huge thank you to the staff and community who made this momentous occasion possible! Colin was celebrated at RIA’s first annual Winter Formal on December 11, 2021. Rise Inspire Academy… Read More»

The Recovery Classroom

The Recovery Classroom: Where Academics & Recovery Build a Future of Promise  I couldn’t imagine my life without my Rise Recovery family! I am a parent of a teenager that has struggled with substance abuse. I became a part of the Rise Recovery family after networking with a recovery community in Dallas,… Read More»


It seems like just about every other day I see an article online for either a new treatment program or an article suggesting an advanced, more modern approach to addiction recovery. However, other programs continue to advocate the model of care, which continues to guide those suffering from addiction with… Read More»

Why can’t they just get sober?

Why recovery is not a one-stop shop. Most people wish themselves or their loved ones would just wake up, realize they have a problem, and never pick up a drink or drug again. Unfortunately, recovery is more complicated than that. There are five stages to reach a point where recovery… Read More»