Justin Hewett

Older Group Peer Counselor

At Rise Recovery I am a Peer Counselor, for the adult program. Some of my favorite topics are Powerlessness, Willingness, open-mindedness, Change, Fun in Recovery, and Higher Power. I am very passionate about helping people who struggle with substance use. I was a former group member before I started working here, and the program really showed me how to live again, and that there was life outside of active addiction. I really enjoy helping people, and I’m grateful for the people who helped me. Today my life is awesome! I get to work at a place that I love. It is way more than just a job it’s my passion and my calling. Today I have people in my life who actually care about me, and it’s all because of Recovery and my Higher Power. My goal is to continue my education and to keep helping people who struggle with substance use issues. Some of my favorite things to do are play softball, and just hang out with my friends.