Abby Martin

Youth Peer Specialist

Abby Martin has been a middle/high school math tutor on and off for over 10 years. Her passion is working with at-risk youth, and has worked at a handful of  title 1 schools. A struggling addict herself, Abby found herself in a prison rehab facility in 2020 that changed her life forever. The same family that disowned her are now her biggest supporters.

She once thought she was “too cool” for the 12 steps but now recognizes that without it, a spiritual awakening would have never taken place. She’s now super involved with the program and loves to be of service.

Her hobbies include: amateur fixed gear cycling, house plants, cat videos, cooking, art films, reading books she doesn’t understand, and doom scrolling through Reddit. She’s a people person who loves to help. Ask her anything!