Clayton Sponhaltz

Director of Outreach and Education

LCDC, Recovery Messaging & Advocacy Trainer

Clayton is truly honored to work alongside a team committed to a primary purpose once again. After receiving his primary training as a collegiate counselor for five years at La Hacienda Treatment Center he served with the team of Rise Recovery with the Younger Group. Drawing off of experiences with Rise Recovery led him to focus on building community for young people in recovery. He implemented a Collegiate Recovery Program at UTSA, the first of its kind in the area. He was also Chapter Lead of Young People in Recovery, a national recovery advocacy organization. Most recently he coordinated the Drug and Alcohol Recovery program for Alamo Heights Independent School District. Clayton is a person in long term recovery who values staying involved within the recovery community. He has a passion about recovery advocacy, improving access and creating pathways for young people and their families to experience a life in recovery. Clayton enjoys spending time outdoors, grilling and playing the guitar. He and his wife, Kelly, are active in their church, Harvest Bible Chapel. They have two children, Crawford and Collins.