Josh Green

YRCC Coordinator & Peer Recovery Leader

Josh serves youth ages 13-21 that need help recovering from the effects that substance use disorder has had on themselves or family members. He helps provide recovery support services such as: recovery coaching, motivational interviewing, recovery support groups, structured sober activities, employment and housing resources, education assistance, and transportation assistance. He also help establish relationships with various organizations in our community to provide our clients with a multitude of support options. Being a person in long term recovery, he found his recovery pathway in a 12 step program. Today, he loves to share the solution that worked for him. He tries very hard to educate our participants about 12 step programs and how navigate things such as finding a sponsor or finding a home group. There is an amazing 12 step recovery community in San Antonio, and he enjoys helping Rise Recovery members’ transition into it.

Being a peer counselor has become more than just a job for him. He gets to help kids recover from the same affliction that plagued his young adult life. He gets to come into work every day and spread a message of hope to those who need it most.  Neither him, nor his coworkers have to lie or embellish upon our message: RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE.  It is his obligation, and his joy to give back to young adults who are traversing a similar road that he did.

In his free time he is a student, a bad musician, and an avid gym goer.  He spends a lot of time hanging out with his friends and support group playing board games and enjoying life.