Katina Adcock

New Gens Peer Recovery Coach

Katina Adcock is a New Gens Peer Recovery Coach, her role will be service-oriented for children and teens, ages 9-17, affected by loved ones who are struggling with alcohol and or drug addiction. With a wide range of personal experience, Katina is also a lady in long-term recovery since January 2016.

“I wasn’t always the lady I am today. It took several bottoms to finally realize my life was completely unmanageable. I first experimented with substances as a teen but addiction didn’t totally take over until the age of eighteen, when I ran away from my home and family but, my problems followed. After almost ten years of active addiction and living a very high-risk lifestyle, I was ready to surrender fully. Palmer Drug Abuse Program, now known as Rise Recovery, is a huge part of why I’m alive and thriving.”

In 2019, Katina graduated and walked the stage for the first time, earning an Associate Degree in the Arts and in 2020, graduated with an Associate degree in Science from San Antonio College. Katina continued her education at Texas A&M University of San Antonio to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling.

When Katina isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her recovery family, loved ones, and her beloved service animal, Smokie as well as watching movies and enjoying all things photography/art.