Kristi Wagner, MHPS, RSPS

YES Peer Specialist

Kristi grew up in the Midwest and after years in the club scene in downtown St. Louis, she found herself broken and lost, turning to heroin and crack to numb her pain. In 2006 in a chance connection via the internet, she found her biological father at age 30, and he assisted in getting her into her first treatment center here in San Antonio, Texas. She completed that program but still had a lot of healing to do and continued to struggle for the next 15 years with a very serious meth addiction. During this time, she found herself in some extremely dark and dangerous situations. She is certain she’s alive today by God’s and mercy on her life and her sole purpose is to give back to others who are suffering. In 2018 she crawled back into her last treatment center and decided then to fully surrender to this process. Since, has found a whole new way of living that has been a complete contrast to her old life. Her sobriety date is May 27, 2018 and she is filled with gratitude. Kristi began working in various treatment centers including the one she first went to back in 2006 before deciding to pursue her RSPS and begin her journey coaching at Rise. She knows recovery is a lifestyle and she couldn’t be more blessed to be a part of this community. She has one adult son and three precious fur babies. She loves being involved in the fellowship of recovery and watching others grow. She enjoys hiking, tennis, pickleball, and taking it one day at a time.