Travis Donaldson, PRSS

Youth Group Coordinator

Travis serves as the Youth Group Coordinator and is a Youth Peer Recovery Coach at Rise Recovery, serving those aged 12-17 struggling with substance use issues. He is eager to show the younger crowd that it is possible to live a substance-free life. He himself started using at a very young age and found his way to Rise Recovery at the age of 17. If it were not for the love and patience of our youth staff who served him, he might not have given this way of life a chance. Rise Recovery’s Family Group also helped his mother come to terms with her child’s substance use and how to help her son in a non-enabling way.

Today, Travis feels very strongly about giving his time and being of service to the place that helped him get his life back. This life includes hanging with his pup, reading, dabbling in writing, enjoying traveling and all kinds of music. There is such love in his heart for the youth and being that example of everything at a young age!