Bridget Maggard

Rise Inspire Academy Principal

Bridget Maggard is the Principal of Rise Inspire Academy. She has worked in public, private, and parochial schools for over 20 years. Her expertise includes general education, special education, and School Administration. Bridget possesses commendable organizational skills, which she uses to forge connections and establish partnerships that contribute to the success of students and families.

Bridget leverages her experience and education to strengthen the foundation of San Antonio’s first Recovery High School. She has two Master of Arts degrees—one in Elementary Education and the other in Special Education, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Through her education, academic certifications and work experience in varied settings, she has gained valuable knowledge to help shape school programs.

When not at Rise Inspire Academy, she camps at Texas State Parks, cruises on Carnival ships, and spends time with her two adult children and her father.