Success Story: Rebecca

“I started drinking and smoking at the young age of 12. At 14, I had my first overdose of many. Soon I was introduced to Rise Recovery…My parents were disappointed and I was a mess. When I opened the doors, I truly walked into the realm of recovery. I didn’t want to be there yet but everyone welcomed me with open arms. They all showed me love and tolerance. I couldn’t believe it – it HAD to be a scam! But to my genuine surprise, I was wrong. Teenagers from different schools and involved in totally different cliques were hanging out and having fun. They were a big, happy, crazy family. Even the counselors were excited to be sober! It was a world so diverse in itself. After attending and slowly becoming involved in meetings and activities, love and tolerance fell from my heart. With willingness, the help of the group and an amazing sponsor, I can proudly say I’m over a year sober. It was never easy and I’m glad life isn’t fair. I wouldn’t have the experience to help other teenagers like me. The best thing is being able to interact with one another while being raw and pure – clean and sober…I love it and I’ll keep coming back. Without Rise Recovery, I wouldn’t be alive today and I am thankful for the people who helped me get to where I am.”