Why can’t they just get sober?

Why recovery is not a one-stop shop.

Most people wish themselves or their loved ones would just wake up, realize they have a problem, and never pick up a drink or drug again. Unfortunately, recovery is more complicated than that. There are five stages to reach a point where recovery is just being maintained.

Here are the five stages: 

Pre-contemplative Stage

In this stage, people don’t realize there is a problem with their drinking or using. You are the crazy one for even thinking there might be a problem. In this phase, all you can do is harm reduction, motivational interviewing and brief interventions. Our staff is trained to help you or a loved one start to play with the idea that there might be a problem.

Contemplative Stage

At this point, you or a loved one starts to realize there are consequences of their using and drinking and begin to think of it as a problem. While they see their using and drinking as a problem, they are unsure if they really need to stop. Harm reduction and brief interventions are still used, but motivational interviewing can start to be more effective.

Preparation Stage

You made it! At this stage, people are willing to make a change. Our staff will help gather resources such as finding treatment, therapists or psychologist for you or a loved one. Rise Recovery offers support group meetings to explore topics related to recovery, social activities to learn you can have sober fun, and day centers that offer a safe place to hang out with people that are also on a journey to recovery.

Action Stage

People at this stage realize they have a problem, are willing to make a change and are actively working on changing their behaviors. Our staff gives you or a loved a platform to learn and practice new behaviors.

Maintenance Stage

At the last stage, people work to maintain sobriety and avoid relapse. our programs have no end date so our services will be offered year after year to maintain sobriety. Our staff helps with recovery management through peer counseling and giving you or a loved one opportunities to help the new people who walk through our doors.

Everyone’s recovery is different and people may bounce between stages or take longer than others. But anyone can get sober and into recovery!

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