Tell Me About Yourself Tuesdays!

with Whitney Boeckmann, Collegiate Program Coordinator

How much time do you have in recovery?
4-30-12, 5years+

What have you gained from recovery?
The Promises, the ability to navigate emotions in a healthy way, respond to others respectfully, develop relationships based on goodness, love, and light

What helped you get and stay sober?
H.P., PDAP, strong family support, willingness to change environment, taking suggestions, being honest with myself and others,

What’s some advice you would give yourself 10 years in the future?
Breathe & Trust in God & Remember Self-Care

What’s your favorite song?
Chris Young “Losing Sleep”

What advice do you have for a newcomer?
Stay connected, get involved, get into the middle of the pack, and ask for help!

What’s one random fact about yourself?
loves poetry, painting, fishing, and softball!