Jamie Strohl, LCDC-I

Family Peer Recovery Coach

Jamie Strohl, LCDC-I, is a Family Peer Recovery Coach, serving adults (age 18+) with a family member struggling with substance use issues. She says her time spent at Rise Recovery is truly the best part of her day!

In December 2011, Jamie found herself making the hardest decision in her life. She opened the doors at Rise Recovery and admitted to herself and others that she had a problem. Like many parents Jamie has since helped, she too was the enabler in her son’s substance abuse problem, “I was co-dependent to my son’s problem with drugs. My son had been using drugs since 6th grade. Nineteen years later, I’m happy to say we are both free of our addictions. If it were not for my Rise Recovery family, I do not believe we would be where we are today. Today, I consider my son as one of my best friends.”

Jamie admits, the fight against substance use issues is a long, hard journey. It does not require you, however, to do it alone. Jamie considers Rise Recovery’s peer coaches and the group meetings to be the best, “The energy that you gain from attending meetings and finding support will help you understand that you are not on this journey alone.”

When not at work, you will find Jamie playing in her garden, riding her bike or in her hammock reading a book. Jamie’s guide to self care includes nature, water and sunshine!