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The Recovery Classroom

The Recovery Classroom: Where Academics & Recovery Build a Future of Promise 

I couldn’t imagine my life without my Rise Recovery family! I am a parent of a teenager that has struggled with substance abuse. I became a part of the Rise Recovery family after networking with a recovery community in Dallas, Texas. I was told that Rise Recovery had a pilot program for kids in grades 9-12. When I heard this, it was music to my ears! In addition, my teenager’s pediatrician at Lackland AFB told me about Rise. My husband and I are both veterans, so I felt even more comfortable.  
My teenager now attends the Recovery Classroom. She is able to focus on her academics and receive services for sustaining sobriety. When I first met Bea Blackmon, Program Director, I was broken and desperate for a program like this. I knew from the moment of meeting Bea that she had a commitment to the youth. It takes a special kind of person to work with an individual and families suffering with addiction.  

Now, my teenager enjoys going to high school every day and wants to continue to obtain sobriety. My teenager receives this support through Rise. The Recovery Coaches help teenagers focus on RECOVERY! They have strong connections with the teenagers. 
I also receive counseling through Rise Recovery’s family group at NO COST! Rise has helped me tremendously with continuing to navigate a healthy path for myself and my family. 
There aren’t enough words for me to express my gratitude to the Rise Recovery family. Their continued support humbles me every day! 

-Parent of a Teenager in Recovery 

Role Model: Evita Morin

Returning to San Antonio, “I wanted to focus on that direct service to the voiceless people without the means or even the self-worth that I saw in them, that I believe they were capable of finding for themselves again,” she explains. “I was that voiceless person at one point. I am a childhood sexual abuse and family violence survivor. From that damage, I had no self worth and needed to rebuild myself. I hope to bring that possibility of recovery to others.”

Morin now leads Rise Recovery as Chief Executive Officer of the nonprofit that helps teens, young adults, and families overcome the effects of drugs and alcohol. “A lot of kids are struggling, not because they have negative influences or were poorly parented. They’re trying to numb out of experiences of bullying. They’re trying to address anxiety that they haven’t had diagnosed. We show them that there’s an alternative path.”

To read the full article, visit https://sawoman.com/2020/11/role-model-evita-morin/