Author: Kristin Beno

Boundaries: A Necessary Kindness in Times of Chaos

Sometimes when you have a member of the family dealing with a substance use issue, you have to set boundaries to ensure you and your home are safe. This also helps ensure that you are not in any way enabling your loved one with the issue. It may feel difficult… Read More»

Rise Recovery Staff Spotlight: Sarah Waltz

Here at Rise, we have a place for everyone and it includes our New Generations program, or as we call them, New Gens. But what is it about New Gens that makes them so unique and such a necessary component of the work we do? We stopped by to chat… Read More»

Recovery Uncovered: Season 2 Episode 3 | Telehealth

Each month, Recovery Uncovered brings great information as well as moving stories to the forefront of the conversation around recovery. September’s episode features Adam Cavazos of Rise Recovery’s telehealth team discussing virtual recovery options.

Candice Curry, Author of The Con Man’s Daughter, at Rise Recovery

On September 30, 2022 Rise Recovery launched our first-ever speaker series with author, Candice Curry. In her book, Ms. Curry speaks candidly about her childhood experience living with a parent with substance use issues. Relatable and charming, Ms. Curry was a compelling speaker with so much heart. See our next… Read More»

The Knot: A Magazine for Friends of Rise Recovery

The Knot: Volume 1 Issue 1

Rise Recovery is grateful for our Friends of Rise Recovery: a group of donors making monthly donations that sustain our mission. Finally, we are able to offer a special perk when you become a monthly donor: our new quarterly magazine, The Knot. Read our first ever issue here: Volume 1… Read More»

Rise Recovery Staff Spotlight: Jessica Alcala

The Harlandale Care Center sounds like a pretty ordinary name for a school building, but this is actually a place of healing, hope, and recovery beyond the scope of any regular school day. The people who make their offices inside these unassuming walls are actually part of a grand experiment… Read More»