Role Model: Evita Morin

Returning to San Antonio, “I wanted to focus on that direct service to the voiceless people without the means or even the self-worth that I saw in them, that I believe they were capable of finding for themselves again,” she explains. “I was that voiceless person at one point. I am a childhood sexual abuse and family violence survivor. From that damage, I had no self worth and needed to rebuild myself. I hope to bring that possibility of recovery to others.”

Morin now leads Rise Recovery as Chief Executive Officer of the nonprofit that helps teens, young adults, and families overcome the effects of drugs and alcohol. “A lot of kids are struggling, not because they have negative influences or were poorly parented. They’re trying to numb out of experiences of bullying. They’re trying to address anxiety that they haven’t had diagnosed. We show them that there’s an alternative path.”

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