Rise Recovery’s Blog

Success Story: Shawn

“The staff has always gone above and beyond to make sure our needs are met. Every time I show up to the program I am welcomed with open arms.  The program has not only given me a positive sober community but has also given my daughters a safe place to heal from the destruction my substance abuse caused.  If I were limited to only one word to describe this program it would have to be ‘Redeeming.”

Success Story: Dan

“There are no other support, education, and treatment programs in our area that come close to providing the long-term recovery support that… is required for sustained change… As a consultant to the Bexar County Juvenile Probation Department, I’ve assisted with the development and evaluation of substance abuse services throughout their system of care. In this capacity, I have been able to experience…working with the department in a positive, collaborative, and meaningful manner…staff members have demonstrated a commitment to working with the recovery of young people, establishing and maintaining relationships that are professional, caring, and authentic.”

Success Story: Hugh

“I recently got out of state jail and went to my first meeting that Tuesday… without any questions (they) took me in as family. The counselors are very concerned about each individual’s needs and sobriety. I must say this group is the best I’ve ever been a part of.  I have also seen the passion they have for our youth. I pray to be a part of this one day. it is all about sharing our experience, strength and hope… whenever in need of just love and maybe a hug or even the truth these are the people to go to.”

Success Story: Andrew

“I had buried myself in an excessive amount of trouble due to my 10-year-long addiction to pain medication… Upon arriving to my first education class…I was greeted with open arms. The staff is very personable and they actually empathize with their clients as opposed to sympathizing with them. They implement the aphorism “it works if you work it” and demonstrate how to work the program thoroughly. I came to this program with a great attitude and the staff teaches you how to maintain that energy you need to become a stronger and better individual…I was just a stranger to everyone and they made me feel like I was their own family member, as they do with all individuals that are seeking help and change. I confide in this program so much that I am pursuing a position as either an employee or volunteer for group sessions. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is searching for a life-changing experience or even if it is mandated by the court, I can assure you that you are in GREAT hands.”

Success Story: David

“I came to the program in January 2011. I was resistant and hesitant to get help. While I rebelled the staff kept reaching out to me and made me feel welcomed. Eventually, I decided to actually work the program rather than just “attend” the program. My experience has been positive. I am sober and have learned how to deal with everyday life rather than turning to drugs. The new coping skills I have gotten will last a lifetime.”

Success Story: Ryan

“I came to the program when I was 15 under ‘duress.’ My parents were concerned about me so they called the school counselor. She invited me to be a part of a group on campus.  I didn’t belong in a drug group. I was just smoking weed on the weekends. My grades were good and I participated in all the things that were expected of me. I told my parents they were going to make me have a worse problem by exposing me to a bunch of drug addicts and they told me, ‘You are going to meet a lot of people riding the bus because a driver’s license is not in your near future.’  So emotionally they dragged me…and boy am I ever so grateful they did. What I got from the program was totally different than what I expected. The people there cared for me unconditionally. They did not require that I ‘qualify’ by giving me a label. They challenged me to try the program 100% and promised if I didn’t like it after 30 days that I didn’t have to attend anymore.  Well, that was 8 years ago and needless to say I stuck around. I didn’t get sober right away. Honestly it took me 3 months to get 30 days sober but every time I relapsed they would encourage me to keep trying instead of give up on me.  Where I am today?  I graduated college last year with a teaching degree. I still choose to be drug (and alcohol) free.”

Success Story: Riley

“I came … when I was 14. I was suffering from a deadly heroin addiction. When I walked in to the doors the Counselor and the kids welcomed me with open arms. I was accepted for who I was. The program taught me about honesty, integrity, self respect, and concern for others. I learned how to be happy and sober. I learned how to have sober fun. Today I have over a year sobriety and will graduate in June 2012. Instead of looking behind. I am now looking forward to my future. This program saved my life.”

Success Story: Hannah

“My son’s addiction brought me … and my sick family system in for help. I was on Family Death Watch. That is no longer true… My counselor and sponsor listen to my fears and hurts and provide me comfort, perspective, and wisdom. That has included my “panic” phone calls to them when I was alone at day-time or night-time. They have helped me through the Twelve Steps, with endless love and patience. I have gone through many terrible fires of hurt – and the grace of transformation. They really know who I am, and it’s okay. The Twelve Steps really work, even in spite of my best efforts. My life has changed in ways I thought impossible and hopeless. I still have a ways to go. I’m amazed that I’m a sponsor now (the 12th Step). That was another brave and healthy surrender to my Higher Power, and it’s been good for me. Thank you for reading my story.”

Success Story: Avery

“I was not interested or motivated to participate in the activities and program. I was angry and pissed off at the system…that was placing all these restrictions and hardships on my life. But after going to a few of the meetings, classes, and counseling I was able to see and experience the love the people there possessed and expressed to me and others. This helped to take away my anger and allowed me to actually listen to what was being said and start to make changes in my thinking and behavior. The people… have a genuine love for us all and it shows in the way they treat you and I cannot thank them enough for doing what they do for all of us.”

Success Story: Steve

“I have bipolar disorder and also ADHD and was committed to a state hospital when I was 17 when I had a severe manic episode and thought I was Jesus, so after sobering up I got to sponsor… In the meantime, I’ve managed to get a B.S. in Chemistry at UTSA and a Master of Public Affairs from the LBJ School at the University of Texas, and get licensed as a professional engineer. I’ve also been employed since June 1992 at the same place doing what I wanted to do, helping developing nations with their environmental management problems. I just finished seven years of service on an EPA advisory committee to the President and Congress! I lost the desire to use alcohol (my drug of choice) a long time ago. My fiancée (and the love of my life) died unexpectedly last November 14, and I’ve had other really bad things happen to me, and yet the thought of drinking has never crossed my mind.”