Rise Recovery Community Content


Connect With Evita Morin:

  • Contact Evita Morin, CEO of Rise Recovery, at emorin@riserecovery.org for consultation on:
    • Establishing a transformative and restorative peer culture
    • Developing intentional leadership in a peer environment
    • Developing and Sustaining Rise Inspire Academy, San Antonio’s first and only Recovery High School
    • Virtual Interactive Fentanyl Awareness Training
    • Virtual Engaging Vape Awareness Training

Rise Recovery Strategy Partner:

  • Contact Kenny Lange, System & Soul Certified Coach, at kenny@kennylange.com for coaching:
    • Strategic Misalignment: Align your strategies to amplify impact.
    • Team Dynamics: Cultivate a culture of high performance.
    • Leadership Gaps: Develop leaders who inspire and lead by example.
    • Organizational Transformation: Leverage the combined power of strategic alignment, team dynamics improvement, and leadership development to elevate your organization