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To make this event a success, we are inviting companies and nonprofits like yours to support us through sponsorship.

  • Nonprofits: For nonprofits interested in showcasing their resources and initiatives at our event, we are offering the option to secure a Nonprofit Resource Booth for just $60. This booth will provide you with an opportunity to connect with attendees, share your mission, and network with like-minded organizations.
  • For-Profit Sponsorships: Sponsors make this event possible! By contributing at a level that is right for your organization, you will receive equivalent levels of promotion from our organization in the form of sponsorship posts, public signage at the event, mention on our digital truck advertisements of the event, and the opportunity to manage one of the festival games to draw in more folks. You can also receive a resource booth in our air-conditioned food court. Once payment has been made, please send us your press kit so that we can get to work thanking YOU!