Rise Staff

Carefully balancing professional training with the personal experience of overcoming substance use/abuse issues in their own lives, the Rise Recovery staff is one of the finest and most dedicated recovery teams available anywhere.  They are fully equipped to provide compassionate care to our members, their families and the community.  Our staff is comprised of Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, Certified Restorative Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Prevention Specialists, Peer Recovery Support Specialists and Recovery Coaches.


Deidra Basombrio
HR Generalist
Mary Kate Brown, LPN-TR, MHPS, PSS, RSPS
Training & Partner Coordinator
Cathryn Daman, MHPS, RSPS
Administrative and Quality Assurance Coordinator
Lance Shaw, RSPS
Program Intake Specialist
Ann Mascarenas
John White
Staff Accountant

Youth & Telehealth Recovery Programs

Ricky Hill, MHPS, RSPS
Youth & Telehealth Program Manager
Armani Jé Balderas, MHPS, RSPS
Telehealth Youth Peer Coach/Outreach Specialist & Spanish Family Coach
Savannah Coronado, RSPS
YRCC Peer Coach
Abby Martin
YRCC Peer Coach
Shauna Dorrell, MHPS, RSPS
YRCC Peer Coach

Youth Empowered by Sobriety (YES) Program

Jessica Alcala, LCDC
YES Program Manager
Ashanti Blackman, MHPS
YES Program Peer Coach
Craig DeSouza, RSPS
YES Program Peer Coach
Holly Freeman, LCDC-I
YES Program Counselor
Valarie McDonald, LCDC
YES Program Counselor
Ashley Ethington, MHPS, RSPS
YES Program Peer Coach
Daniel Melchor, LCDC
YES Program Counselor
Kristi Wagner, MHPS, RSPS
YES Program Peer Coach
Tiffany Harper
YES Program Peer Coach

Young Adult Recovery Program

Katina Adcock, MHPS, RSPS, PSS
Young Adult Program Coordinator
Skyler Deaver, MHPS, RSPS
Young Adult Peer Coach

Family & New Gens Recovery Programs

Nickie Allwein-Villanueva, RSPS-I
Family Peer Coach
Mia Aguirre, RSPS
New Gens Program Coordinator
Adam Cavazos, RSPS
Family and RIA Peer Coach
Lilly Huizar
New Gens Peer Coach
Frank Janousek, RSPS
Family Program Coordinator
Terry Valera, MHPS, RSPS
Family Peer Recovery Coach
Sarah Waltz, LCSW
Graduate Intern Supervisor

Rise Inspire Academy

Bea Blackmon, LMSW, LCDC-I
RIA Program Manager
Mallory Olfers, MHPS, RSPS
Youth Peer Recovery Coach
Lloyd Patterson, RSPS
Youth Peer Recovery Coach
Paloma Sifuentes, RSPS
Youth Peer Recovery Coach
Melissa Simpson, LPC-A
RIA Mental Health Provider
Christopher Tremel
Youth Peer Recovery Coach
Denise Valuk
RIA Intake Specialist